South St. Burger Co. adds O’Doughs Certified Gluten Free Bun to Canadian Restaurants

Oct 22, 2012

With the number of Canadians adopting a gluten free diet due to allergies, gluten-sensitivity, affected family members or personal lifestyle choice, we’re thrilled to announce that all Canadian South St. Burger Co. locations have added O’Doughs Certified Gluten Free buns to the menu!

As always, South St.’s 100 per cent pure beef burgers, made with beef raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics are gluten free. So too are the grilled chicken breasts, signature New York Fries, and a variety of the toppings served at all South St. Burger Co. locations, including all the vegetables, mayonnaises, guacamole, the pulled pork topping and cheeses.

Due to the dietary sensitivities affecting customers with gluten allergies, new procedures have been put in place to reduce the chances of cross contamination. Separate knives, cutting boards and toasters have been added to ensure that the gluten free buns are handled with different equipment than the regular buns as well as changing gloves when handling gluten free orders. Although South St. Burger Co. takes precautions, as in the case of all restaurants that offer gluten free menu items alongside ingredients that do contain wheat, there is always a risk that cross contamination may occur. A detailed allergen information sheet is in the works, and will be available for download from the South St. Burger Co. website once it is ready.